The Most Effective Strategies For Blogging With Leslie Rubero

Are you looking to create the best authority blog in your niche? Do you want to have the next blogger success story? If so, you are probably looking for the most effective strategies to use when you are blogging. We asked Leslie Rubero to help us with this article and give us some useful guidance.

An authority blogger is generally the ultimate goal for those who have been blogging for a while, as well as those who are new to the blogging arena. However, if you want to redefine your blog and bring in front of more eyes, you likely want to do this as soon as possible. The key to your success will be having the knowledge to know the right things to do at the right time.

In addition, by knowing what to do at the appropriate time, you will be able to save money as well as increase the pace as which your blog and business grows.

Write Great Content

You have probably heard a million times that content is King, and it certainly is. In fact, if you have content that is not great on your blog, your blog will not be one of the popular ones in your niche.

Content by Leslie RuberoThe truth is there is not a shortcut to becoming a blogger. You must provider your readers with content that is useful and quality for your readers. The readers who are coming to your blog are looking to read the content on the blog, and the quality of the content is the main factor in determining whether or not they will return to your blog.

You will not be able to become an authority blogger in your niche if your blog does not provide quality content. Your blog should contain content that either educate or solve a problem the reader may be having. Simply take a look at some of the top blogs in your niche and see if the content is top-quality.


Although some bloggers may consider authority blogs as their competition and vice versa, keep the following adage in mind, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. This means that the bloggers you choose to associate with will be a determining factor in the respect you will get in the blogsphere.

Fortunately, it is a lot easier to network with top bloggers in your niche than it was a few years ago. Many of your favorite bloggers will be using at least one social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Look for the top bloggers in your niche and like, follow and subscribe to them. Comment on their posts , share their posts and engage with them. When you do this, these bloggers will begin to notice you and their followers may also follow you.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a very effective strategy the top bloggers use. It is a powerful tool when used correctly. It is also an excellent way to build your presence and profile in your niche. Not only will you get instant credibility, you will also display your expertise to an audience who may not know who you are.

What is the other benefit of guest posting. Traffic. You will also see an increase of traffic to your blog when you guest post on an authority blog in your niche. Many popular bloggers have built their audiences solely by guest posting on blogs within their industry. This means that if you want to get your name out there quickly, guest posting is one of the best ways to do so.

Mention Other Bloggers In Your Posts And Link To Their Sites

Linking to other authority blog sites in your niche will work almost 100% of the time. When you link your blog to a top blog in your niche, not only will your credibility improve, but it will also prove to your readers that you are well connected to the experts in your industry. The bottom line, you are aware of what is going on in your industry.

Your readers may even begin to view you as a colleague or friend to these authority bloggers simply because you decide to link to them.

By linking to these sites, you will also help your readers better understand the content on your blog, and when you link to these other blogs, their knowledge of the subject matter will improve. The end result, they will thank you for it by becoming loyal readers and followers of your blog.

Branding And Design

It is important to know that your readers will be very sensitive of the design of your blog. This means that your branding and design will be some of the determining factors in how serious your readers will take your blog.

For example, if your blog has an ugly design and there is no sign of a logo, you are inadvertently sending a negative vibe to your readers. You should spend some time studying the different authority blogs in your niche and look at the ways their blogs are designed. How are things arranged on the blog, and how are the bloggers branding themselves?

Authority bloggers are well aware of how important the look and feel of a blog is to the reader. Many of these bloggers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to have unique designs and graphics built for their blogs.

Do Not Implement Too Many Rules

Keep in mind, trying every rule and tip you find on the Internet to improve your blog will likely cause more harm than good. What may work for one blogger may not be as effective for another blogger, especially if the second blogger tries to stick to every rule set by the first blogger.

Even though it is sometimes to follow a person’s exact business model, many times the best results are achieved when new bloggers choose to ‘go against the grain’.

Create your own way, and do not try to follow every rule or piece of advice you may hear.

Becoming an authority in your niche and having a popular blog will not occur overnight. The good news is that many people have become successful bloggers, and you can too!

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