MRE Meals Actually Can Make Thoughtful Gifts

The December holidays happen every year. On top of that, everyone you know and love has a birthday every year. In a consumer-driven economy where most folks already have everything they need or want, this can make gift buying and giving a stressful part of life. Depending on how someone lives and how well you know them, MRE meals might actually prove to be a thoughtful gift.

If you have men or boys in your family that are members of a Boy Scout troop that goes camping regularly, then MRE meals can be easy ways for them to stay on top of their nutrition when in the woods. Likewise, anyone you know that spends time in the wilderness, be it boating, camping, hunting, or fishing, can appreciate the ease of use of these food rations in their outdoor adventures.

Should there be any survivalists in your family that want to make sure they’re ready for a disaster, or even the end of civilization, contributing to their emergency supplies can make them feel appreciated. These hardy individuals are not always understood by many, but they’re also the most well-prepared people should their power go out for a few days.

You have to really know a person to know if MRE meals are going to be received well as a gift, especially considering that it’s a rather unusual gift for a person. However, if you know they already collect or use them, then getting a few is likely to go over well. If you’re not totally sure, then a gift card or certificate to a supplier or store that carries them can be a good idea since they can then choose their own supplies that they need or want for their collection or upcoming trip supplies.